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In order to obtain results very quickly, EPPC also favors collaboration with local companies such as the Manufacture du Haut-Rhin (formerly Manurhin) in the context of ballistic tests for the various projects of this type processed by the platform. For this purpose, MHR has two firing tunnels of 25 and 100m respectively as well as the most common calibers ranging from 22LR to 7.62x54mm, from handguns to an assault rifle.

From right to left, Christelle Delaite (EPPC) and Dominique Burr (EPPC) welcomed by Nicolas Schmitt (Ammunition design office manager, MHR) and Nicolas Delaire (Ammunition Quality control / Shooting range, MHR) in front of the shooting tunnel.

Shooting range

Presentation of the EPPC platform and visit of the Elektro-Isola company in Denmark.

From left to right:
David Møller Jensen – Laboratory manager (EI)
Birgitte Møller Hansen – Development manager (EI)
Dominique Burr – EPPC manager
Axel Rüting – Sales & Product Manager (EI)
Bjarne Petersen – Global Sales Director (EI)

The CRIF industrial chair was already collaborating with the EPCC platform through a thesis followed by Dominique Burr (responsible for the EPPC platform, first from the left on the photo), which led to a new opportunity, allowing a second-year student from the ENSC Mulhouse to do an internship at the Laval University in Quebec with Christelle Delaite as a referent professor (member of EPPC, second from the left in the photo).

Visit of the Eurocorps and participation at the information meeting in view to a new regional collective participation for the 2020 edition of the Eurosatory exhibition.

Thursday April 11, 2019, the LPIM had the pleasure of welcoming in Mulhouse Mrs. Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. During this meeting, she discovered the EPPC platform.

Welcome of Minister Frédérique Vidal by Xavier Allonas, director of LPIM and member of the EPPC platform.

Make an appointment now with the EPPC team and come and meet us at JEC World 2019 in Paris Villepinte from March 12th to 14th.

EPPC was present during the BE 4.0 Salon des Industries du Futur 2018 at the Parc Expositions in Mulhouse, France, from November 20th to 21st 2018.
More information available at the salon website.

Visit of the delegation of Sept-Îles (Québec, Canada) on the EPPC booth, from left to right :
Hussein Ibrahim - ITMI
Etienne LEBLANC - Aluminerie Alouette
Karine Gautier - LPMT
Dominique Burr - LPIM, EPPC
Philippe Grasser - PVF
Gildas L’Hostis - LPMT

SBF Department, from left to right :
Véronic Landry - Teacher, industrial chair CRIF
Dominique Burr - EPPC
Aurélien Hermann - PhD student, ex UHA student
Jérémy Winninger - Post-Doc, ex UHA student

The first discussions between the EPPC platform and the company Amefo SAS took place at the Eurosatory fair in Villepinte with the aim of setting up a large-scale joint project concerning the improvement of vehicle protection.

David Bianchini (Business Development Engineer at Amefo S.A.S.) and Dominique Burr (EPPC manager) at Eurosatory 2018 on Plasan’s booth, group to which belongs Amefo.

EPPC was in Paris at JEC World 2018 from 6th to 8th March 2018.
During the three days, more than 43 000 people came to visit the 1350 exhibitiors.

An article dedicated to EPPC was published in the regional newspaper l'Alsace to celebrate the open labs week.

At the beginning of 2017, the European Platform of Photo Composites was launched at the University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) thanks to the alliance between the Laboratory of Photochemistry and Macromolecular Engineering (LPIM) and the Laboratory of Physics and Mechanical Textiles (LPMT). Its objective is to promote new polymerization technologies under the action of light in the composites field and to propose solutions to companies with research and development needs, as well as to study the feasibility of industrial projects and their applications. bring to maturity.
The collaboration of the LPIM and the LPMT, two laboratories of the UHA, makes it possible to cover the whole process and bring it to a significant innovation.
Presented during the European Composite Days JEC World in Paris from March 14 to 16, 2017, the platform is managed by Dr. Dominique Burr, trained in the photochemistry laboratory and returning after 28 years of industrial career.
"My professional experience allows me to have a concrete approach to the possible applications of our technology in the industry and the problems we can solve," explains Dominique Burr. "A composite is the combination of a reinforcement, usually a fabric of natural fiber, fiberglass, carbon fiber ... and a matrix made of a resin and additives whose formulation depending on the properties to be attained. Different layers of this semi-product are combined and pressed, usually under the influence of heat to obtain a laminate. The use of light in the manufacture of a Composite is faster and less expensive than thermal processes commonly used in industry and can offer new ways to improve processes."
The origin of the platform is related to the Compofast project and the Deepcure Industrial Chair.
The platform is already running as collaborations are underway with Laval University in Quebec and in particular its Department of Wood and Forest Science, to work on the resistance of natural fibers to external aggressions. A project is also underway with a company in the field of protection of people, vehicles and buildings, and another in the field of sewer pipe repairs. A wide scope therefore and it will probably expand in the coming months.

EPPC was present at the Salon Industries du Futur 2017 in Mulhouse, France, where more than 1200 visitors where expected over the two days to come visit 150 exhibitors over 4000 m².

For this reason, we find Christelle Delaite (Professor and member of the platform, first from the right) and Dominique Burr (EPPC manager, second from the right) at 1739ft underground at the Joseph-Else Mine in Wittelsheim for the visit of StocaMine, a subsidiary of the company des Mines de potasse d'Alsace.
This will lead in a request for a study concerning the aging of the polyethylene bags containing the waste after several years of storage.

The European Platform of Photo Composites was officially launched at the JEC World 2017 from 14th to 16th march 2017 in Paris, France.
Over the three days, the exhibition recorded 40,607 attendees, 78% of whom were international visitors from 113 different countries. Don't hesitate to watch the video report or to read the event final report.